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Middlesboro-Bell County Airport
Middlesboro, Kentucky FAA Identifier 1A6

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Cumberland Gap, Tennessee

Cumberland Gap National Historical Park

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The Historic Town of

Cumberland Gap, Tennessee

McGhee Tyson Airport Knoxville Tennessee
72 miles 1hr 41mins to Cumberland Gap, TN.

Lexington, KY 132 miles 2hrs. 29mins.

Winston-Salem, NC 257 miles 4hrs. 34mins.

Huntsville, AL 268 miles 4hrs. 55mins.

St Louis, IL 497 miles 8hrs. 17mins

Columbus, Ohio 320 miles 5hrs. 24mins.

Little Rock, Arkansas 582 miles 9hrs. 26mins.

Tupelo, Mississippi 412 miles 7hrs. 33mins.

Boston, Massachusetts 918 miles 15hrs. 39mins.

Omaha, NE 903 miles 14hrs 20mins.

Richmond, VA 418 miles 6hes. 41mins

Baltimore, MD 507 miles 8hrs. 8mins

Charleston, WV 234 miles 4hrs 11mins

Atlanta, GA. 252 miles  4hrs. 18mins.

Pigeon Forge, TN 87 miles 1hr. 50mins.

Memphis, TN 459 miles 7hrs. 28mins.

Knoxville, TN 58 miles  1hr. 17mins.

Bristol, TN 99miles 2hrs 10mins.

Pensacola, Florida 561 miles 9hrs. 19mins

New York, New York 691 miles 11hrs. 40mins.

St Louis, Missouri 467 miles 7hrs 38mins.

Dallas, TX 954 miles 14hrs 8mins

Charlotte, NC 257 miles 4hrs. 29mins

Columbia, SC 288 miles 4hrs. 42mins

Pittsburgh, PA 461miles 7hrs 38mins

How far is Cumberland Gap? One or two days drive.
Or just take a vacation and take your time

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