Blacksmith by Homegrown Forge

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three other places to eat in the Gap.

Artwork by Bill Sturdivant

Lye soap making by Sadie's Soaps

Chair caning and basket weaving by Lester Wilson.

Crafters & Food

Gap Creek Coffee House

The Pineapple Tea Room

Angelo's in the Gap.

Hand craft Natural stone/gemstone jewelry, knit and crochet items, and photographic mouse pads by Laura Pont.

Genealogy Jamboree

The old pioneer days people had to make the things they needed to live. They had their own cows for milk, some were blacksmith, chair caning, basket weaving, soap making, woodcarving, clothing, jewelry and much more. 

Come talk to our pioneer crafters and see how they made these things and most of them have their crafts for sell.

Kentucky Coal Crafters

FireTruck IceCream

Homemade ice cream, old fashioned root beer floats, frozen Mountain Dew

Food Vendors

3/21/2018 - 3/21/2019

Cumberland Gap, Tennessee

Native plants, bear habitat and traditional woodcarving by Steve Roark